Anaconda Python installation and configuration on Ubuntu


Update System package:

Before proceeding with installation of any kind of package, use the following command to update your Ubuntu system. To execute this command, remember to login from non-root user with sudo privileges. After execution of this command, you will be prompted to Is this ok? Type ‘y’ and hit Enter key.

# sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Download and install Anaconda Python:

To download and install Anaconda Python, I will recommend you to use Anaconda installer bash script. Bash script will automatically install the required libraries and packages. To do this, you will need to follow the steps below.

# cd /tmp
# curl -O
# ls -li
# sha256sum
# bash
# source ~/.bashrc
# conda list

Settings for Anaconda Environments

You can keep projects in Anaconda virtual environments by organizing them on the basis of Python versions and packages. You can specify the version of Python for each Anaconda environment and keep all the related programming files together within that directory. You can check the available versions of Python by executing the command below.

# conda search "^python$"
# conda create --name aareez python=3
# conda create --name aareez python=3.7.0
  • xz
  • tk
  • wheel
  • setuptools
  • sqlite
  • python
  • readline
  • openssl
  • pip
# conda install --name aareez numpy
# source activate aareez
# conda install -c r r-acepack
# source deactivate
# python --version
# conda update python
# conda info --envs
# conda create --name aareez python=3 numpy
# conda remove --name aareez –all
# conda info --envs

Keep updating Anaconda:

It is necessary to keep your Anaconda up to date to get the latest packages. To do so, you can execute the command below.

# conda update conda
# conda update Anaconda


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Anaconda Python. You have also learnt to install various packages, update, remove, create and much more. Remember to keep Anaconda updated and don’t forget to share this tutorial on your social media.



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